Indian Headpiece

Indian HeadpieceThere are a few things in the world as exquisite and poignant as the Indian headpiece. This feathered headpiece is not only visually impressive, it is also rich in historical meaning and spiritual significance.

The Native Americans heritage is intrinsically weaved together in the tapestry of the history of the United States. This great country would not be where it is today if not for the contribution, both past and present, of the Native Americans who live on the land.

Centuries ago, Indian tribes settled in different parts of America. Certain tribes used to wear the feathered Indian headpiece that we all know and love today (Sioux, Cheyenne, Plains tribe, etc.), and when other tribes moved closer to these tribes, they adopted this headdress as part of their local culture as well.

The Indian feather headdress stands to be a memorable and stunning piece even today. In the past, it meant so much more than its aesthetic appeal. It represents honor, strength, loyalty and the hard work of the individual that wore it.

Remember, not everybody is able to wear a headdress in their lifetime. Most people know this, but a feather is given for a daring feat or an act that would benefit the entire tribe. Suffice it to say, only a few people could ever earn enough feathers to complete a whole headdress. This is why those who were given the headdress are awarded more honor and reverence by their fellow tribes people.

Indian HeadpieceThe feathers can be taken from any bird variety that is available in their current location, but ideally, it is taken from the golden eagle. Eagles are often acknowledged as the messenger of the gods. Their feathers are extremely valuable as they are said to protect the wearer supernaturally all his life.

When there are enough feathers to make a headdress, the warrior or chief’s closest male relatives and friends come together to make this headpiece. They also use authentic leather for the band and embellish it with intricate designs that mean something to the individual or their tribe.

While Indian headdresses are also sometimes referred to as “war bonnets”, the long feather headpieces are seldom, if never used by the warrior during the war. This would be highly impractical as it restricts movement in the field. Instead, the headpiece is used for important ceremonies and tribal events that are still being held today.

It is no wonder that a lot of people find it sometimes offensive when this headdress is used in fashion shows, rave parties, or even costume parties. They hold the Indian feather headdress as a sacred part of their heritage and want other people to understand and honor the significance that is meant for it.

For the most part, people do value the Native American icon and at the same time, admire it for its majestic and exquisite design. While there are not a lot of original feather headdresses available today, one can still obtain a replica of this beautiful Indian headpiece in select specialty shops online, such as

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