Great Indian Headdress

Who doesn’t want to own a great Indian headdress? These amazing headdresses are becoming quite the fashion statement in the recent years and whatever your reasons may be, it is definitely a good thing to own one of these amazing pieces in your home.

The Indian headdress is more than just a fashion piece for most people. You may already know this, but this headdress is a treasured icon of the great Native American heritage. Only a few and the most revered individuals get to wear this headdress and wearing them affords them great honor and respect among their fellow tribesmen.

Why can only a few people own their own headdress? You must remember that one has to earn each feather that they put in the headdress. This feather is rewarded to individuals who committed an act of bravery or a great feat that resulted in the prosperity and well-being of the tribe. As you can imagine, most people can only earn a couple of feathers in their life.

Large Pink Indian Chief Headdress - Great Indian HeaddressUsually these headdresses are only worn by men and once they are have enough feathers collected, a headdress for them is made by their closest members of their family, also usually male. Ideally, they use the feathers of the golden eagle, but if this is not a common specie in their area, other birds will do.

They then bind these precious feathers (sometimes dyed) to a leather or deer skin band and embellish them how they see fit. The Indian headdress, also referred to a war bonnet, is said to protect the one wearing it by the spirits of the animals that was used in creating the headdress. Even though it is referred to as a war bonnet, the extremely long headdresses are not used during war since it is highly impractical and dangerous in the battle field. Instead, Indian feather headdresses are used for sacred ceremonies and important events.

It is no wonder that there are a few groups of people who object strongly to the use of Indian headdresses in matters that they perceive to be of little importance. They place a high value of the significance of the Indian headdress, and it is important that even if not everyone agrees with their views, they be respected for it.

Buy Replica Small Blue Indian Chief Headdress - a Great Indian Headdress!There are some places who sell extremely valuable replicas of these Native American feather headdresses. They employ the services of master craftsmen and artisans who create one of a kind pieces that anyone could be proud of. These replicas are usually made with quality materials, substituting eagle feathers with duck and rooster feathers since the eagle is protected by many governments’ laws.

If you happen to own one of these works of art, you are very fortunate indeed. You can either store them in a dry place for safekeeping, and take it out to wear for special fashion occasions, festivals, and so on, or showcase them in a prominent place in your home. Either way, you are a proud owner of a great Indian headdress and that is something that you should not take lightly.


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