eBay Indian Headdress

Large Orange Replica eBay Indian Chief HeaddressAre you looking for an eBay Indian headdress? There are a resurgence of Native American regalia in the recent years and more and more people are looking for authentic, or at least well made replicas to add to their collection of beautiful things.

An Indian headdress is one of the most exquisite things you can own. Folklore says that the wearer of the feather headdress will be protected by the spirit of the animals that went into making the headdress. If there is supernatural protection that can be attained with the headdress, why aren’t more people wearing them?

Not everyone can just have a headdress back then. A large part of the headdress is comprised of the feathers of the golden eagle and to get a single feather, you must do a great exploit or do something noble that will bring about the prosperity of the tribe. Naturally, one can only collect around 3 feathers during his lifetime so a person who has earned enough feathers to make a headdress is often greatly honored and revered.

The headdress is not made by the women of the tribe. It is the warrior’s close male friends and relatives who gather the feathers and make it into the majestic headdress that we know. They put the feathers into a leather strap, often intricately designed as well, and embellish it with bone or shells to make it even more awe inspiring that it already is.

Large Green eBay Indian Chief HeaddressSo as you can see, not only is the feather Indian headdress a visually stunning piece, it is also one that holds a great significance to the people who created it. It symbolizes strength, hard work, loyalty and great courage- values that the tribe deeply honors and respects.

More and more people recognize and appreciate this, and this is why we see more of the Indian headpiece in popular culture. This has been seen in runways, parties and costume parties. Definitely not everyone is happy about it because they feel that it trivializes the meaning behind it. However, for the most part, people just want to appreciate and take part in this awesome part of history and culture.

Now, anyone can own a headdress of their own. Of course, not all headdresses are created equal. If you want to own a beautiful and enduring headdress, you will have to be more discerning when you go to eBay browsing for an Indian headdress. Many of the cheaper priced products are commercially made so do not expect them to last long or look as awesome as the authentic ones that you see online.

While there may be a lot of substandard quality headdresses around, there are also really excellent pieces that are being sold as well. Replica Indian headdresses made with quality material will last long and more than that, look absolutely exquisite. One of a kind pieces like these may cost more, but if you are looking for true works of art, then it is an investment worth making.


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