Interesting facts about Indian Headdresses

Even though some people don’t know the significance of Indian Headdresses, most people consider it to be a beautiful piece of art. The traditional headdresses are believed to be the creation of Sioux Indians. Talking about Indian Headdresses, it is nothing, but the feathered Headdress which you come across in paintings and images. This is something that the chiefs or the warriors are seen wearing in paintings or images. Interestingly, very few people know that these headdresses are only for the most powerful and brave of the tribe, and not for everyone.

The custom of wearing these was extremely common among several tribes, before the invasion of white men on their lands. Even though these were worn by most tribes, it varied from one tribe to another based on their cultures. In fact, individuals wearing these headdresses often customized it according to their choice, making it unique to that person.

Most people associate these beautiful Indian Headdresses with feathers. But do you know what the feather actually represent? The warriors received a feather every time the tribe did something great and big. However, most of the times a warrior earned his first feather for being the adult member of the tribe. But he was not simply given the feather as a present. He had to earn it and also prepare himself to receive it. In fact, it required him to fast for several days and also meditate.

Every time a warrior earned himself a feather, he would either wear it or keep it safely in some place. He would only choose to wear it after he had collected enough feathers and made it into headdresses. Since, each of the feathers were earned differently, binding all of these together gave the Indian headdresses a special meaning. Interestingly, the friends or those close to the warrior could only help him in making the headdress. About Indian Headdresses types, the different feathers were symbolic of different virtues. For instance, there were tribes that mainly wore headdresses of animal skins, while there were others who wore turban of buckskin as well as feathered headdresses. The type of headdress depended mainly on the tribe and their culture and so there were a huge variety of these Indian Headdresses.

Above all, the most prized possession among the Indian chiefs was the Golden Eagle feather. This is mainly because the Indians believed Eagle to be God’s messenger. Earning this feather was not at all easy; it involved hardships, strength and loyalty. Even the young boys of the tribe had to prove his bravery to be able to wear an eagle feather. Earning the feather was also quite interesting. A boy had to get hold of an eagle and remove one feather without harming it.

Apart from eagle, some of the other commonly used feathers included that of hawks and crows. These Indian Headdresses had significant meaning to its wearer and was an extension of his beliefs. The tribes even believed that the wearer acquired the powers of the birds or animals by wearing their feathers.