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If you want to buy Indian headdress costume, you are not alone. Many people are of the view that the Indian headdress is a beautiful thing, and want to buy one, not to imitate or cause any disrespect to the American Indians who of course own the rights to all original and authentic pieces, but simply because these headdresses look stunning and beautiful.

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The Indian headdress has been around for centuries. It is an iconic piece of the Native American culture although in truth, not all Indian tribes use this kind of headpiece. The feathered headdress is actually only used by certain tribes like the Sioux, Cheyenne, Plains Tribe, etc. When other Indians relocated to these areas, they adopted this headdress as their own and it has thus become one of America’s most loved and recognized tokens of their heritage.

Buy Replica Small Blue Indian Chief HeaddressNow, almost anybody can buy an Indian headdress costume, but originally, not everyone can acquire such a revered headpiece. The feathers in the headdress had to be earned individually through great feats and acts of courage. That’s right- one amazing exploit, one feather.

This means that even a brave Indian warrior may only get something like 3 feathers in his lifetime. If one was fortunate enough to collect enough feathers, the closest male members of that man would create a headdress for him.

The feathers of the headdress would come from the bird most common to that region. However, the most valuable of all feathers would be the golden eagle. Eagles are associated with the strength and nobility of the gods. It is believed that the spirit of the animal would protect the wearer, and it is a great honor to be in ownership of such a headdress.

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Of course nowadays, we cannot buy authentic Indian headdresses that are made with golden eagle tail feathers. Eagles are a protected species and only enrolled and select Native American individuals are allowed to own eagles. Other bird varieties are used, usually the duck or rooster feathers are collected to make a good quality replica Indian headdress.

There are a lot of sites that sell Indian headdresses, but they are not all made of the same quality. Some are obviously better than the others. The cheaper headdresses often use substandard materials and may break apart more easily than the well made ones. If you want to have a really good feather headdress, you need to invest and buy one made by expert craftsmen even if they may cost you a few dollars more.

Remember, when you buy an Indian headdress, be sure to take good care of it so it can be preserved for a long time. If you are going to Display Stands, use a sturdy mount that is high enough and strong enough to carry its full weight. If you are going to store it, find a place free from moisture and where insects can’t get to it (insects eat feathers). You can occasionally carefully dry clean the feathers with a mixture of flour, corn meal and borax. Do not use water and soap as this will make the quality of the headdress deteriorate more quickly.

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